After Google Penguin 2.1 Updates Who Really Got Hit?

According to the official report, some Google Penguin 2.1 updates search results are coming wrong; in general, Google Penguin is the favourite aquatic bird now it can come with new options that encourage all the website owners. Now the website owners are also getting a new way for questioning how the 2.1 version has affected or changes their own website. Recently, Glenn Gabe at G-Squared Interactive also estimated more than twenty-six websites also impacted by the change and decided to evaluate the exact factors related to it.

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Glenn carefully analysed more number of websites that have been hit by Penguin. Of course, the report stated that Google Penguin 2.1 had a huge impact and updates several things has affected the websites. Google Penguin 2.1 seems to have recognised brand and it has been developed after the Penguin roll-out in the month of May.
The culprits based on Glenn listed below

  • Do follow blogs: the blogs that do not add it to the posted links
  • Spammy directories: if you use spam directories earlier then you will experience come problem
  • Blogroll spam: check out for blogroll backlinks gone wrong
  • Blog comment signature spam: in general, Google certainly seems to be targeting the links even they aren’t followed
  • Forum spam: This will also comprise in the comments from all forums that also match with the anchor text back links
  • Forum bio spam: this also includes biographies of users that also contains precise match anchor text backlinks To get free from complications, it is important to create a suitable plan, of course, it becomes popular, if the pages look like spam then it should be instantly removed.

Usually, the Google Penguin targets the unnatural links for this you need to add unique and fresh content, in addition to this, it is really important to analyse the link profile that allows you to understand accurately what the Penguin targets. Even it is essential to carefully remove the entire unnatural link that allows anyone to get high-quality search engine results. On the other hand, you need very fast and aggressive that allows you to stay ahead in the competition. When it comes to using the updates you need to perform very careful that will generate fine results, once you update this version then you need to monitor your organic search engine traffic that dramatically drops during this time. Google Analytics is the recommended choice for monitoring your organic search engine traffic. At the same time, you must check your Google Webmaster Tools notifications that allow you to understand if any manual penalties applied to your website.

Owning website penalised by Google’s Penguin algorithm with makes lot of changes in your web traffic and makes it disappear overnight. For this, Google will continue updating its Penguin algorithm and remove web spam. Penguin is one of the most important parts of Google’s search engine algorithm because it will fishes out web spam. Most importantly, Penguin 2.1 effectively hits different kinds of web spam that also includes paid links, low-quality links, spam links, and other links generated by any automated tools.